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In the visual communication era, image is the new word. Thus images with motion and sound are the sentences and phrases of this new language. The addition of these dimensions develops communication, refines the message and appeals to an ever wider audience, all excellent reasons to use audio – video products.

Spot concept

Our Motion & Sound experts are spoiled silly at work: they have a 100 mp (playground) in-house studio filled with (the newest toys) state of the art equipment where they can (play to their heart’s content) unleash their creative imagination for some very lucky clients. And when it gets too big for the studio, they move all the (toys) equipment to location, so they don’t miss even a second of the action. It’s no wonder that at the end of the day they refuse to go home and must be removed from the building (by their relatives) through intervention from authorities.

Ok, ok, we admit, we may have exaggerated a bit there. But the Motion & Sound team, just like their colleagues, is passionate about its work, whether it means creating audio, video or 3D products for advertising, PR campaigns, fashion events, working with musicians and stars, creating corporate communication materials or journalistic products.